Friday, May 9, 2014

Scenes from Valentine's Day, 2014

Sadie's Abraham Lincoln drawing

Sadie drew this awesome likeness of Abraham Lincoln for the 4th grade open house in March.

Maggie's 10th birthday party - A Cooking Party

Since Maggie loves to cook, we decided to have a cooking-themed birthday party for her 10th birthday.     Each girl who came got to take home an apron, a bamboo spoon, and a dish towel, plus the recipes for the foods cooked that day.   We cooked English Muffin pizzas, and strawberry shortcakes.  We tried to churn ice cream, but that was not successful.   Great memories from a nice party!

Scenes from Easter, 2014


Keyboard competition

Maggie was a competitor in a keyboarding competition last week.  It is an honor to compete, as only 21 students out of 114 qualified to compete.
Results will come out later on! 

Prom 2014

Prom 2014.  Sadie and her friend Harris had a great time at prom.
Wonderful memories for these friends since kindergarten!

Kids Workshop

Sadie was a sweet, good helper to her sister at a Kids' building workshop last weekend.
Another one scheduled for this weekend.